“What are we gonna do now, mate?”  Glen’s voice bordered on concern 
and irritation.  It would seem our impromptu detour through the river wasn’t 
going over well.  Not that  this was wholly without cause, mind you. 
After all, what was supposed to be through the river quickly turned into less 
through and more of just being, well, in it; stuck.

“Yeah, well, it could be worse,” I replied, pausing briefly to gather up some of 
our belongings that were now floating out through the Land Rover’s open door.
“Not possible,”  Glen laughed.
“Sure it is. Plus, there should be someone coming along sometime that 
will pull us out. Right?” 

No. We didn’t plan it this way. We didn’t plan it at all, really. It just kind of 
happened, you know? But then again, it all seemed so natural; two 
biologists – along with all the financial inadequacies that that implies, an 
old Land Rover, and Australia’s Cape York Peninsula. It was a combination 
destined for adventure. And truly, it was! But you’ll just have to watch for 
the full tale. 

So join us now on an hour long documentary as we head north from 
Port Douglas to “The Top” of Australia, exploring the beauty and wonder of 
a land truly unique to the world.


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